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Mail Delivery Problems?

If your email to a domain hosted here is bouncing, please review the bounce message you received and read the appropriate section below. If you require assistance in resolving the problem, please contact us using this form.

Referred to a web site?

If you were referred to a web site, possibly here but more likely another, please visit that web site before contacting us. What's happened is that your mail server (or that of your internet service provider) is listed on a spam block list. Your mail system administrator or internet service provider is responsible for fixing this problem. However, if you have a legitimate reason for sending email into this network, you can contact us to state your case, and if we're convinced, your mail server's IP address will be added to our "white list" so that your mail will flow unimpeded.

Unable to establish SMTP connection?

This is a normal indication for a temporary failure, so if your mail server said that it will keep on trying to deliver your message, don't worry about it. If, however, the mail is returned to you with an indication that your mail server gave up, there are a couple of possibilities:

  1. Your mail server has been firewalled away from our network;
  2. Our network has been firewalled away from your mail server.

In either case, you'll have to find another way to route your email into this network. If we've firewalled your mail server out, it was certainly with good reason and we're not likely to allow traffic from that server unless we're convinced that it's no longer owned by the same organization. If your mail server is behind a firewall that won't allow connections to our network, you'll have to take that up with your mail system administrator or ISP.

You can always contact us using this form for assistance in resolving this problem.

Listed in badmailfrom?

Oops. If your specific email address is listed, forget about contacting us. If your email domain (not your specific address) is listed, you can either use this form or send from another domain.


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