ASForm Version 0.64 (beta)


Chances are that you know or heard something about ASForm, and that's what brought you here. If you want to know more about it, a good place to start is with the Introduction and Features page.

The current version of ASForm is 0.64, which is the fourth public beta release. The current version will always be distributed from this site.

Version 0.64 corrects a bug that was evident in some, but not all, virtual host installations when a referrer filter of --host was used. If you have version 0.63 and it's not giving you any trouble, there is probably no need to upgrade at this time.

ASForm version 0.64 corrects a bug in version 0.63, but does not require that your configuration files, etc. be changed in any way. is not changed, so all you need do to upgrade is to copy asform.cgi from this distribution over the top of the 0.62/0.63 distribution. You will of course have to set the permissions of the file to allow you to write it before trying to copy, and then remove all write permission prior to running ASForm.

If you are using version 0.62, you should upgrade now. There is a bug in 0.62 that prevents the undeliverable mail cache from working properly. You should upgrade now, and if there are any files named asftmpnnn.asf (where "nnn" is a number) in the directory in which ASForm is installed, you should manually copy them to your local machine and read them -- they are plain text files, and are your missing messages. Newer versions will not process those files unless it is configured to use the ASForm installation directory as the undeliverable mail cache.

At this time, there are no known bugs in release 0.64. However, it would be wise to check back here from time to time to determine if there have been any uncovered since you downloaded your copy. This does not apply to just ASForm, but to any CGI applications you download from the web. It's part of the duty of care that comes with deploying CGI apps, and is something that all webmasters should take seriously. The version number of ASForm will increment whenever the executables are changed. A note will appear here if the documentation changes when the executables have not.


Here's where you can get ASForm:

asform.tgz (55094 bytes) (64332 bytes)

Both of these files contain ASForm, a sample configuration file, and all of the ASForm documentation that is on this site except this page. Please read the Terms of Use below before downloading, and if you can't accept them, don't download ASForm.

If you intend to deploy ASForm, please be sure to read all of the documentation that comes with it! It will save you a lot of time and frustration.


Terms of Use

ASForm is not distributed under the terms of any license(s) that you may be familiar with. Here are the terms of use:

  1. ASForm is and must remain freely distributed. You may distribute it in any form you wish, but you may not receive any compensation for doing so. You may not charge a fee for the media that ASForm is distributed on, even if ASForm is bundled with other software.
  2. You may use ASForm for any purpose, even commercial purposes, so long as you are not selling ASForm or the media it is distributed on. The only exception to this is if you are selling a used computer system upon which ASForm is installed and ASForm is not a consideration in the price set.
  3. ASForm comes with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. If it breaks anything, you get to keep whatever little pieces may be left behind. The developer does not accept any liability whatsoever for any damage, either direct or consequential, that may be caused by ASForm.
  4. ASForm must not be deployed in any way that it's failure may cause or exacerbate a threat to the safety of persons or property.
  5. ASForm comes with no support from the developer except for paying clients of Art Sackett Professional Web Design.
  6. You may not alter or edit ASForm in any way, or create derivative works based upon it. Certain lines of code must be altered in some cases to configure ASForm to work in a given installation, and those lines are referenced within the documentation that comes with ASForm. All others are off limits. If you find a bug, report it to the developer.
  7. You may charge a fee for professional services rendered installing, configuring, and/or supporting ASForm. You must make your client aware that ASForm comes with no guarantee of any kind from the developer, and that he is not purchasing ASForm itself.
  8. Your possession of an unaltered copy of ASForm is your license to use it. No one can take that license away from you if you have not violated these terms of use. Period.

I hope you find ASForm useful and easy to deploy. Enjoy!


© 1999 - Art Sackett