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Why are they called Grey Papers?

This document is copyright © 1998 - 2005 by Art Sackett. Feel free to save it, print it, copy it, and distribute it freely, but do not alter it in any way. If I have missed something or made a factual error, please send the particulars to me via email and I will consider making the appropriate revisions.

Although it is the author's belief that the statements contained within this document are true and correct, use of any of this information is at the user's sole risk. The author does not accept liability for any consequences arising from the use or misuse of this information.

I call this small collection of information "grey papers" because white papers are generally considered authoritative, while the stuff I have here is anything but authoritative. The information I present is factually true, but I intersperse my own opinions which are debatable. Not by me, of course; I feel no need to debate. Take 'em or leave 'em, it's all the same to me.

A little background: The previous revision of the grey papers was made in December of 1998. At one point, SSI For The Rest Of Us was in the top 20% of the most linked-to documents on the web. Command Line FTP is required reading in some community college IT courses. This content is mirrored on several web sites around the globe, too, so it seems to be popular enough to warrant maintenance. I'll keep it available for as long as it's useful, or as long as I'm alive to keep my domain running.

This (May 2005) revision really doesn't change the content any, it's just to make this section of the site fit the rest, and to plug in a promotional pitch here and there because I don't want to be compelled to go out and find "a real job". In addition to providing this free information, I also offer my (paid) services as a perl programmer and remote Linux system administrator. If you're a web designer or webmaster who could benefit from offering professional quality services of these kinds, I invite you to contact me. It's an increasingly competitive market we're in, and it'd probably do us both some good to team up.

That all said, let's get you back to the reason you came here.


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