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Perl Programmer/Consultant

The primary focus of my business is on selling my talents as a perl programmer, and I'll say "perl programmer" far more often than either of us will like throughout this document because I have to convince the various search engines that I'm a perl programmer and this site is actually about a perl programmer. It's probably safe to assume, I think, that you came here looking for a perl programmer, and that you probably started at a search engine. If so, I've succeeded in optimizing my site for this purpose and you've actually found a perl programmer.

This is the part where a marketing guy would tell you all about how retaining my services as a perl programmer will bring you contentment and joy, keep you eternally young and beautiful, and attract members of your preferred sex to you as if by magic. I am not a marketing guy, I'm a programmer. I have no use for hype. If you like hype, marketing buzzwords and corporate doublespeak, I am not your man. If you want custom software that meets your specifications perfectly and works so well that you rarely have to think about it, then it's probably time for us to talk. If you're in a hurry, you can skip the rest of this page and just contact me to discuss your needs.

As I said, I'm not a marketing guy. To be perfectly honest, I intend to spend the rest of my life without wearing any of the suits in my closet. They're nice suits, very expensive suits, but I'm not a suit guy. I'm a perl programmer. I want nothing more than to spend my days doing what I do best, and leave the rest to others who are hopefully doing the same so everyone wins. What I do best is programming in perl. I've developed a reputation for writing rock solid applications that do what they're supposed to do, day in and day out for years on end.

Since I took up this gig full time in 1998 (after starting it in 1996), I have focused on e-commerce, including database-backed dynamic web site generation, shopping cart systems, secure network communications, email processing, and the like. Most often, the sites I've developed have used source data that came from other applications, ranging from spreadsheets to full-on enterprise applications that handle every aspect of an order fulfillment system. In reality, it doesn't matter where the data comes from, as long as it's somewhat normalized. In the end, a dynamically generated e-commerce web site is nothing more than a data manipulation machine: product information comes in here, customer orders come out there, and there's a web site in the middle to facilitate the customer interaction. As long as all of those things happen, everyone's happy and we all make some money.

I'm also a Linux system administrator, so if you need a perl programmer for system administration utilities, let's talk.

I invite you to contact me to discuss your needs.


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