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If you're looking for my grey papers, they're here. Free software? It's here.

I'm Obviously NOT a Web Designer!

Well, I was once, but I would rather write software than HTML. I do occasionally design a web site but would rather leave that to you.

I AM a Perl Programmer

So, along comes a client who wants something really cool requiring some kind of server-side software, and you don't want to pass up the opportunity. You go out scrounging around the web to find something in a CGI archive, and there's just nothing anywhere that will meet your needs. That's where I come in, being a perl programmer.

If you're a professional web designer working freelance, I'll offer you a discount for the second and subsequent projects I do for you. You can resell my labor for whatever you can get for it, and keep the difference, or offer a better value to your clients. Unless you ask me to, I won't communicate with your client(s), and I won't solicit them under most circumstances. As long as we're engaged in a positive business relationship, if one of your clients solicits me directly I'll refer him to you so you have the opportunity to remain involved (and make your fair share of the income).

I WAS an E-Commerce Consultant

I have plenty of e-commerce experience and for several years I offered my services as a consultant in this area. I've built many successful e-commerce web sites and I'll gladly work with you to build another.

I AM a System Administrator

Most web designers are not Unix/Linux/BSD people, but they often have to deal with those systems. If you need a hand, or want to deploy your own web hosting server, I'm a Linux system administrator and I'm here to help.

The Requisite Disclaimers

The discounts I offer apply only to resold labor -- if you're working on your employer's web site, or on your own, my services will not be discounted.

Unless other arrangements are made in advance, I work for you, not your client. That means that you are responsible for paying me, even if your client stiffs you. (I've been through this before, as both the primary contractor who got stiffed and had to pay his subcontractors, and as the subcontractor who got stiffed by the primary contractor whose client stiffed him. I won't be doing that again!)

The "product" I sell is hours of professional labor, NOT the product of that labor. I will deliver the product of labor to you upon demand provided that your account is in good standing, and I will assign all rights in copyright to you that I am legally able to assign when final payment for my labor is received. Prior to the receipt of final payment, I retain all rights reserved to me under copyright law.


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